20th of January 2016: extraordinary planets alignment !!!


Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, all in a row. The five brightest planets visible to the naked eye in the sky, ‘hung’ in a imaginary line that runs from the south-east to the west. Such a configuration has not happened since 2005 and will be an opportunity to admire them all in this fascinating choreography. To observe this it won’t take long but it will stay alive for quite some time: the show will indeed take place from January 20th for about a month. It will be easy to identify the players, beginning with Venus and Jupiter, by far the brightest bodies of the night sky after the Moon. Among them, along the virtual line, Saturn and Mars. Completing the quintet will be Mercury, which will be built near dawn, or a little after six in the morning. Towards the end of February it will take part to the unusual alignment even the Moon. Not only planets, not even just the Moon, but also beautiful stars like Scorpion whose red heart Antares will lie by Saturn, Virgo with bright white Spica not far away from Mars and the bright red Arcturus northwards. Enjoy!


The tremendous kiss of two stars

The kiss of two stars
The kiss of two stars

An incredible stellar system has been found where two stars are so close that their surfaces are overlapping. It is the hottest and most massive double star system ever seen, and provides a rare glimpse into what is believed to be a relatively brief cosmic event.

Both of the stars are nearly identical in size, with a combined mass 57 times greater than the Sun, meaning one is not sucking material from the other – rather, they are likely sharing 30% of their material. This has led to a “bridge” forming between their two connected surfaces.

I call it a star kiss, but this will be expensive for their life, which can be shortened due to the strong gravitational interaction and lead to a huge supernova explosion. The strongest kiss in the universe.