Ti voglio bene, mamma <3



Love train, does it pass or we are born aboard?


What a recurrent question is this. It must have crossed my mind hundred times throughout my life. No dilemma harder to answer. It may appear easier to imagine an end for the this world and the life of the new world to come than understanding the flow of this one. Things happen, they come and go…well actually, we let things happen, we make things come and slip away from our hands when we feel tired of them or not pretty much tantalized.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to start from scratch because we may miss the required courage or impetus. More difficult it’s to finish something which is dying by itself when we were clutching to that. But sometimes it seems out of this world to simply stop with the feet on the ground, lift up the eyes to orientate and realize what are doing, where are we going … but even more, what is good to us, what is healthy to us.

Eyes. Is there anything more charming than the capability of seeing the world around us? Vision, beautiful. View, sight, prospect .. a show of feelings. Nonetheless, we somehow often fail to recognize what’s really good and healthy to us. Luckily, God provided us with more senses: ears to listen the right voices, nose to smell beneficial perfumes, touch to feel the friend near us and taste to appreciate what’s good. Still, how hard can it be to distinguish the truth from the lie, the health from the poison, the good from the bad.

On the other hand, we are given all the senses not to fire them all at once. Not just una tantum, in one shot. All that we have is safe and alive for a while. Until the sun shines on our skin and the blood flows in our veins. All in this world has a sense and our senses as well. Therefore, what we do not recognize on a day, must be at hand and crossed another day.

If we think we did not fit in the right train we might have simply mistaken the coach number. I honestly do not think that the train comes and goes. The train is here, we are always on board. It’s just being in a certain coach by time to time…unfortunately, each coach has its own characteristics and is good for either this or that purpose. The brightness in our brain must be used to understand what is this coach for.

So, maybe, the answer to the former question couldn’t be found because it was wrongly placed. Love train is our life train … and we gotta move to the right coach for each purpose. We are born in the love coach thanks to our parents, then we aim for the success one … but then we pant again for the first coach, which then becomes hard to find. However, it is there waiting for us. And all we have to do is open up our senses hear, look, smell, taste and touch. Open the door and burst into that.

It is possible that we do it many times throughout our lives. Falling in love more times. I believe so. A bananna dancing at the rhythm of the raindrops that are falling on my hair is still standing in front of me. Years after that end of spring, when such a flower opened up in front of my eyes. Bright like the sun, tasty like honey, with a perfume of heaven and singing lullabies to my ears while the wind’s traversing its petals. The touch of this flower is gentle and kind to me. It was with we for just a couple of months, it will always be my dream of the midsummer night. The flame that didn’t burst into my life still burns in my heart. The dreams stays and with it the hopes. For one day might my feet lead me to that coach again and rejoin the love. Till that day, you’re safe and protected into my heart.

Thank you so much Mom

per mamma

Il mio primo pensiero oggi volge il suo sguardo verso te, che mi hai dato la forza, il coraggio, la caparbieta, la testardaggine, la perseveranza, la fiducia nei miei propri mezzi…e piu di ogni altra cosa la vita! Se oggi sono quello che sono, ma soprattutto, se oggi sono un uomo vivo, sano e forte, con i piedi per terra, tanta voglia di realizzare i miei sogni e con lo sguardo proteso al futuro lo devo tutto a te. Grazie mamma. ❤

My first thought of the day turns its gaze towards you, you who gave me strength, courage, obstinacy, stubbornness, perseverance, trust in my own power … and more than anything else life! If today I am what I am, above all, if today I am a man alive, healthy and strong, down-to-earth, a great desire to realize my dreams and looking straight to the future, I owe it all to you. Thank you so much Mom. ❤