About me

Ciro Pinto is a researcher in high-energy astrophysics with strong passion for music, sports, and adventure books.

Born on 9th of April 1982 in Naples, Italy, I developed first interests in stars since the last year of my primary school…my mother fault…when she brought me upstairs on the terrace showing my the stars and wondering the reason for their different colors. I then grew up with the first goal to understand why stars color is different (few years after I’ll realize that it’s the temperature: cold stars are blue, red start are red, etc..). At 9 I asked my father to buy me a small telescope to search for stars and planets invisible to the naked eye. Later during the first school lectures on the birth of the Solar system I completely devoted my self to stars and their mysteries. Since then I already knew what would be my future.

After the scientific lyceum, I attended the University of Naples and obtained the degree in physics, specializing in astrophysics in May 2008. At the Observatory of Capodimonte, Naples, I familiarized with different kinds of telescopes (so much fun). In Naples, I also did my master degree with the thesis project focusing on the black holes, in particular on the way they devour  matter from nearby objects. Ravenous black holes!

I started my PhD research at SRON, the Netherlands, in November 2008 working on the interstellar medium of our Galaxy, the diffuse gas that occupies the not-really empty space between the stars. I have traveled around the world and attended several interesting conferences that improved the quality of my work and gave me the chances of making new friends and appreciate different cultures of other countries. India and Japan left me something inside that cannot be described. I “defended” my PhD thesis on February 2013 and spent the last three years at Cambridge, working as researcher at the Institute of Astronomy in a great research group. Cambridge is a lovely city where my work and cross-interests can develop without limits….such as music.

Ah yes! Music, music, music….she’s always escorted me since my youth. But only at the age of 10 my father gave me the first guitar, a nylon-stringed acoustic yamaha…which for a beginner was a quite good one! The notes literally swallowed me due to a growing passion for Beatles and the inspiration from my step-father who introduced me to a new world, the world of Rock: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Clapton, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple (only to name some). My mother instead introduced me to the classical dance music of 60s+ and R&B….like Barry White, Dionne Warwick, Simple Minds, Simply Red, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Bee Gees. I never left the leading music line, but since the early university years I joined alternative Rock and Metal genres, including Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nightwish (with the first singer Tarja of course) and Celtic music. I basically spanned several genres spanning through blues, rock, celtic, metal, pop, r&b, popular, country…and all these significantly affected my taste and push my inspiration to write my own songs since the age of 20, which means 13+ years ago…and my new band – Inna Lights –  completely sucked me into that!

Inna Lights music band
Inna Lights music band

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